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Since 1918, Tidewater Adventist Academy (TAA) has long established itself as a building block to academic achievement in Christian education. TAA offers academic instruction with an emphasis on excellence in general studies, character education and Christian service. Although most students are members of the Seventh-day Adventist faith, all students who meet basic admission requirements are enrolled without regard to religion, gender or race. A diverse school body, TAA is comprised of individuals from multiple cultural backgrounds. The atmosphere at TAA is one of unity and acceptance.

At Tidewater Adventist Academy, our mission is to provide students with the opportunity to develop a Christian character and to prepare them for effective, lifelong service to their church, community and society through a comprehensive K-8 curriculum.
We are committed to helping each student to understand and adopt principles such as truth, obedience, service, self-discipline, and Christian love while also achieving excellence in academics. This is accomplished as we seek God's guidance and direction, follow the curriculum designed by knowledgeable professionals, and work together to support and encourage each other.

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